ICON: Cross Roads CD


Ships on: July 24, 2024

With legions of fans and Top 10 sing-along hits that everyone knows, charismatic front man Jon Bon Jovi and his talented band mates have been rocking the world for 30 years. Their sales track record is phenomenal, as is their knack for sold-out concerts on a worldwide basis. So it is fitting that many of the musical highlights from all those years are captured in song on this Icon collection which includes 14 of their classic tracks.


1. Livin' on a Prayer
2. Keep the Faith
3. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
4. Always
5. Wanted Dead or Alive
6. Lay Your Hands on Me
7. You Give Love a Bad Name
8. Bed of Roses
9. Blaze of Glory
10. Prayer 94
11. Bad Medicine
12. I'll Be There for You
13. In and Out of Love
14. Runaway